Sam and Luke return from Nashville…

Frequent readers will know that I am a fan of Sam & Luke.

New readers need to know that they are two teenage brothers who formed a band, write their own songs, are self taught, and are stunningly amazingly good artists.

They just got back from Nashville, where they recorded their second album, but the first that wasn’t self-produced.

Renown Producer Colin Linden oversaw the production, writing and recording sessions.

Colin Linden with Sam & Luke

Sam and Luke have posted a couple of Videos:

The first is a 90 second video clip of “Black Magic Woman,” from one of the last gigs they played before heading to Nashville.  Please check it out !!!

The second is a video of one of their Nashville sessions, featuring “So Perfect,” one of the songs from their new album.

(Incidentally, the new album is not out yet, and I’ll post updates as I get them… last I heard the album is going to be mastered in New York in a few weeks, and should hopefully be available in August.)

The line for CD’s starts behind me !!!