Talented Songwriters…

I have a pinched nerve in my shoulder right now, which seems particularly painful at night time.

This is why, at 2:51 am in the morning, I’m sitting here, writing about the talented songwriters I’ve been lucky to cross paths with:

  • Sam & Luke just came back from Nashville, as I recently wrote in a Blog Post.  Their new album isn’t out yet, but I was lucky to have been given the opportunity to have a listen to the un-mastered mix, and it is awesome !!!  In the meantime, check out some of their YouTube videos.  Yes, I keep talking about these guys, and I will still be talking about them in a lot of years… They’re THAT good !!!
  • Britt Bonshor was at the BC Songwriters’ Showcase tonight, and had finally remembered to bring her CD’s with her.  It’s called Seven, and has seven songs for seven bucks.  Her voice is very pure and clear.  In my head, she sounds like a female Vince Gill, and I mean that as an incredible compliment, because I think he has one of the best voices in Country.  I can’t think of a female artist to describe or compare her to, so I will direct you to her YouTube page, where there are a lot of excellent examples of her singing her own songs, and covers.
  • Delaney Rose also performed tonight, and I hadn’t heard her in a few months.  She has a great gift for connecting with her emotions, and being able to communicate that through her songs, and in her performances.    
  • Earl Taylor was the host/MC for this evenings’ Showcase, and I would be remiss to not mention his songs, which he doesn’t have NEARLY enough recorded…  (hint hint) …but has two YouTube videos that I love and have blogged about:  I Miss My Mom.

There are lots of other talented folks who come to the weekly Wednesday showcases, some of whom might have CD’s or websites… that I’m not aware of.  But I would heartily recommend that you check out the talented folks I’ve named… either at one of our BC Songwriter Showcases, or on the web !!!

BC Songwriters Showcase Assn.

Buy their CD’s, and get them to sign it !!!

You’ll have a heck of a story, once they are famous, and great music in the meantime !