Reading The Fine Print…

A while ago, my wife’s Aunt was “downsizing” her house… and while we were over for a visit, as she knows I am a music buff… she asked if I wanted to have a look through her old LP records (that otherwise were going to the Sally Ann)

I was delighted, so she showed me where they were, and I started flipping through them.

Most of them were her son’s records… and most of the records were albums that all of us who were around in the 70’s and 80’s have… Foreigner, Asia, Blondie, Toto, etc.  Albums that I already own.

Anyway, I had gone through most of them, when I found an older vintage record… a Big Band album from Tommy Dorsey!

Having grown up in a house where all types of music were welcome, but Big Band or Vera Lynn were especially well received.

I confirmed that this album was “up for grabs”… and brought it home, when we left.

As life often does… things got in the way, and it got put aside until recently, when I came across it, while I was moving stuff around in my studio.

I looked at it, and on the “B” side, in the tiniest letters… with as little “TADA” as possible, it announced that the singer was Frank Sinatra!

Back in the day, before he was “above the title”… Before the Ratpack… Before Frank was Frank !!!

And now, it hangs as in a place of honour on my wall… Serving as a visual reminder that even the great ones were, at one point or another, written in small print.

Now, before you think I am deluded, and relating my talent to FS… Nosiree Bob !!!

I just take it as a reminder that from tiny acorns, mighty Oaks grow.

You just have to read the fine print…

(And what fine print it is !!!)

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