Protecting Yourself From Success on Twitter…

I am a songwriter, who aspires to be published.

I know a lot of folk in the same boat.

I work with an organization that tries to help local songwriters have an opportunity to perform, and we have a Twitter account.

I guess, because I tweet using the hashtags, #Songwriters, #Songwriting and #Showcase… we get a lot of followers from all over North America.

Because we are based VERY locally, in Langley, BC… I don’t follow everyone back.  But I check every profile.

A lot of the Twitter feeds are filled with… “I have great songs, does anyone want to hear them ?” tweets.

Sadly, the Bio line is empty… there is often no location… no website link and sometimes the Tweets are protected.

If I have ANY hope to succeed as a songwriter, I know that I have to fling open the doors, and invite people in, to look at my “product.”


I have this Blog, (which is about music,) a Company Website, (BobSongs Creative Media) a General Blog (BobSongs Musings) a Twitter account, a Facebook profile, a MySpace page… as well as other links… (Broadjam, IMRadio, & YouTube, and more…)

All of them are open, free, unrestricted and accessible.

What benefit do I gain, as a person trying to sell my songs, by putting up barriers or obstacles to people finding out about me OR my songs ???


I take the standard precautions with my product… as soon as I record it, I send myself a registered copy in a sealed envelope, and attach a copy of the contents to the outside.

If I was really concerned, I could take further steps… but I personally don’t feel that is necessary.

Here is the stupid part.

I’m writing this, in order to try to help my competition!!!

What I DO feel is necessary, is to encourage artists to unlock the doors, open up yourself to the world, and say “Here is my product… what do you think?!?”

The alternative is not a pretty picture, as it involves those three ugly words.  Woulda, shoulda, coulda.

Open it up, folks.  You might sell something !!!




  1. Monica Hamburg on April 19, 2010 at 12:38 pm

    Wise words, Bob! Good advice – as an artist you (er, me) often get asked to work for free at a small venue for “exposure”. While some of these offers might have merit, many don’t – and don’t offer exposure beyond the 20-50 people at that venue that night. If leveraged well, the Internet has the opportunity to connect you with and expose you to many…

  2. Henry on April 20, 2010 at 10:32 pm

    Bob, love this post! Couldn’t have said it better. Too many people I know are too worried about actually making the sale and making it big before they even have any exposure out there.

  3. Bob Gray on April 21, 2010 at 1:21 am

    Thanks Henry –
    There is a LOT of putting the cart, before the horse.
    (Personally, I blame Bieber… but that’s just me !!!) LOL
    But there is an appreciable percentage of artists, who are apparently concerned about their privacy, before anyone knows who they are…
    Don’t get it !
    Thanks for the comment !
    Cheers !!!

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