Trying To Break Into The Music Biz…

BobSongs Studio

BobSongs Studio

By the nature of my writing, I explore and share various facets of my life, in my Blog.

Recently, one of our cats has been unwell, and during the recovery process, we have been keeping closer tabs on his daytime activities, amidst the hubbub of everyday life.

Hiding behind a screen...

Hiding behind a screen…

It seems to me, that, as I am paying more attention to his “business”… he too has been apparently trying to take over mine !

Those of you with keen eyes will notice an interloper hiding behind the bottom computer screen.   (Close up photo on the right)

(And, as much as I would love to have a helper in the BobSongs Studio… he ain’t it !!!)

It made me think of the number of times recently, where… (for a cat) …we discovered him doing something that would be considered cute… but now, in context, has the appearance of getting ready to assume a Rock and Roll lifestyle.

Suddenly, his keen enjoyment of my painful Banjo lessons becomes suspect.

just in case...

just in case…

Hanging out in the Studio becomes more about learning ProTools keyboard shortcuts, and less about spending time with his people.

What ?!?


The very fact that he has “People” to do stuff for him.

He obviously is fully prepared for a life on the road, and yearns for the free-wheeling catnip-partying days he has heard much about, but never explored himself.

Bailey on a suitcase

Bailey on a suitcase

I’m not sure to what degree he will have success, but we will always support him, and encourage him, on his way to the top.

Maybe I should be prepared to sneak into HIS suitcase.  It WOULD be easier for him to claw his way to the top!!!


This is NOT the ladder of success !!!

This is NOT the ladder of success !!!