I Love And Respect The Craft Of Songwriting…

I love and respect the craft of songwriting

From my earliest memories of listening to my sister’s records of the BeatlesGordon Lightfoot, and Monique Leyrac, to the constants of my Parents favourites, Vera LynnDean MartinNana Mouskouri…  I was blessed to grow up in an environment that embraced new and different styles of music, while still showing reverence to their favourites.

For my own “classic” favourites…
James TaylorTonicBNLGordon LightfootJohn DenverSimon & Garfunkel and, of course, The Beatles (either together, or in their various individual incarnations)

More recent favourites would have to include…
Lindsay Aline, Dan Mangan, Ken McCoy, Dave Mercer, Jessie Farrell, Carolyn Stewart, Misty Weaver, Carolina RainJars of ClaySwitchfootLady Antebellum.

I-PodMy I-Pod runneth over…

I am blessed to have a supportive wife, and Family that always encouraged and supported any Artistic pursuit.  Thus, my childhood lessons for piano with Mrs Gatz, and messing around with a guitar, were later combined with forays into creative writing and poetry, as encouraged by my Dad and “Doc” Ballard… into the songwriting I now love.

My Music Studio is a place of comfort, where I gather my thoughts, and assemble the lessons and influences of the past, and create songs that I hope folks will enjoy.

Here is a link to a few of my Songs

I further expounded upon the Songwriters who were “instrumental” in my love of the crafted word, in my posting… “Under The Influences”

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