Father’s Day Reflections…

I’ve never been able to write songs about stuff that happens to me in my life.

So, because of this, I must draw on the reflections of a friend, Earl Travis Taylor, who also wrote I Miss My Mom

He wrote the song “A Cowboy Never Dies” for his Dad, (who passed away in 1998 and was also named Earl Taylor,) and his Uncle Jerry, who was a man of similar character.

So, on this Father’s Day weekend…  For all the folks who are missing their Dads…

(Whether he ever rode a horse, or not)

A Cowboy Never Dies

“He’s out there riding fences, somewhere on the Range.

With a whistle in the wind, that tells me he’s all right.

And a Cowboy never dies.”

A Cowboy Never Dies

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Happy Father’s Day to every Dad out there, whether riding Fences or celebrating with the kids…

Dad Gray at Christmas, a few years back...

Dad Gray at Christmas, a few years back…


I Miss My Mom…

A friend of mine, Earl Taylor wrote this song, about how he missed his Mom.

On Mother’s Day, it seems quite appropriate to Post it, as I miss my Mum, too.

To all the children, who still have their Parents, enjoy a wonderful Mother’s Day.

I Miss My Mom – Song By Earl Taylor

My Mum

Joy Gray